Thursday, May 19, 2005

How do you say USCOTS?

Today it starts … but we have not yet decided the most important thing about USCOTS. How do you pronounce it? Amongst the most popular pronunciations are three styles that reflect three different ways to say the first two letters.

Since this is the first U.S. Conference On Teaching Statistics. I often hear it pronounced like U-S-COTS with the first two letters said separately. An advocate might say: This is a conference for those just embarking on a teaching career and I like to think that the waters will seem less rough while cruising on the good ship U-S-COTS.

A second method is to pronounce the first two letters together like in the word they form: US-COTS. An advocate might say: This is a conference about us, the teachers and learners of statistics. Hence it should be pronounced US-COTS.

A third method is to remember that the U.S. stands for United States so we should pronounce the "U" like we pronounce it in "United". This makes the name of the conference sound more like "use – cots". An advocate might say: This is a conference that provides things you can use in the classroom so it should be pronounced like Use-COTS.

I like the idea that this conference can be different things to different people. As our delegate from Edinburgh says: I will see you later today at U-SCOTS!


At 1:27 AM, Blogger JBMiller said...

Or, as one of our Scottish colleagues suggests, it should definitely be U-SCOTS!

Welcome to USCOTS everyone, no matter how you pronounce it!

At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer US - COTS (That's "us" together). However, after the conference, I'm trying to say U. S. COTS (That's the ship).


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